Festival Studi Luar Negeri

Do you wanna study abroad? But you’re still confused about what university to choose? And how to start? Do you want to know how to write a good motivation letter and to prepare interview for LPDP Scholarship? Or do you want to try an IELTS simulation test? COMING SOON FESTIVAL STUDI LUAR NEGERI “Be a Successful World-wide Minded Student for Better Future” Festival Studi Luar Negeri (FSLN) is an annual program held by Lingkar Inspirasi of State University of Jakarta (Lingkar Inspirasi UNJ), in cooperation with PPI (Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia) se-Dunia and Student Excecutive Board of State University of Jakarta. This event offers 1. Talkshow “Study Abroad: How to Survive” with 5 overseas students 2. Seminar “Strive for Scholarship” 3. Workshop “How to Write Your Motivation Letter and Prepare Interview for LPDP Scholarship” 4. Free IELTS Simulation Test Books 5. Open Stand PPI Dunia Circus tent This event was held on January 2015 for the first time and it will come up with the newest one in the next year Confetti ball So, mark your calendar up on February 2016

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